What is Retrocecal recess?

A retrocecal recess is formed by the cecum anteriorly, the iliac fossa posteriorly, the right colic gutter laterally and the mesentery medially. Retrocecal hernia: a rare cause of small bowel obstruction.

Which structure is situated in the Retrocecal recess?

The vermiform appendix frequently occupies (herniates) this recess when in the retrocaecal position.

What is a recess in anatomy?

[re´ses, re-ses´] a small, empty space or cavity. epitympanic recess a small upper space of the middle ear, containing the head of the malleus and the body of the incus. Called also attic and epitympanum.

What is the Extraperitoneal space?

The extraperitoneal space is the portion of the abdomen and pelvis which does not lie within the peritoneum. It includes: Retroperitoneal space, situated posteriorly to the peritoneum. Preperitoneal space, situated anteriorly to the peritoneum. Retropubic space, deep to the pubic bone.

What is a paracolic gutter?

The paracolic gutters (paracolic sulci, paracolic recesses) are spaces between the colon and the abdominal wall.

What are peritoneal gutters?

Peritoneal recesses (or peritoneal gutters) are the spaces formed by peritoneum draping over viscera. Peritoneal recesses. Diagram devised by Delépine to show the lines along which the peritoneum leaves the wall of the abdomen to invest the viscera. Anatomical terminology.

How many paracolic gutters are there?

The paracolic gutters (paracolic sulci, paracolic recesses) are spaces between the colon and the abdominal wall. There are two paracolic gutters: The right lateral paracolic gutter. The left lateral paracolic gutter.

Is retroperitoneal and extraperitoneal same?

Extraperitoneal is the generic concept that comprises the more commonly used terms for the specific locations: retroperitoneal (posterior to the peritonal cavity), subperitoneal (inferior to the peritonal cavity) and preperitoneal (anterior to the peritonal cavity).

What does it mean to be extraperitoneal?

Listen to pronunciation. (REH-troh-PAYR-ih-toh-NEE-ul) Having to do with the area outside or behind the peritoneum (the tissue that lines the abdominal wall and covers most of the organs in the abdomen).

Where is left paracolic gutter?

The left paracolic gutter is a component of the left inframesocolic space partially separated from the left subphrenic spaces by the phrenicocolic ligament. It is smaller than the right paracolic gutter. Both paracolic spaces are in continuity with the pelvic peritoneal spaces.

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