What is sentence of wicked?

Examples of wicked in a Sentence She wore a wicked grin after her victory. She’s known for having a wicked sense of humor. She had a wicked case of food poisoning. A wicked odor was coming from the closet.

What is the meaning of wicked ‘?

adjective. You use wicked to describe someone or something that is very bad and deliberately harmful to people. She described the shooting as a wicked attack. She flew at me, shouting how wicked and evil I was. Synonyms: bad, evil, corrupt, vile More Synonyms of wicked.

What is frequently in a sentence?

“He frequently appears in her office.” “This situation occurs frequently.” “He frequently encounters wild animals near his house.” “She frequently cites the same articles.”

What is the meaning of wicked person?

evil or morally bad
evil or morally bad in principle or practice; sinful; iniquitous: wicked people;wicked habits. mischievous or playfully malicious: These wicked kittens upset everything.

How do you use wicked in a sentence in Boston?

Wicked. Definition: Synonymous with “very” or “really.” Used to describe add emphasis to an adjective. Sentence: There’s no chance I’m leaving the apartment today, it’s wicked cold.

Is it wicked or wicked?

Wicked and wicked are two words that are spelled identically but are pronounced differently and have different meanings, which makes them heteronyms. These word pairs are often misused words.

What does most frequently mean?

most frequent or common. regular, steady. relating to a person who does something regularly. Antonyms: infrequent. not frequent; not occurring regularly or at short intervals.

How do you use frequency in a sentence?

It’s not the duration of his absences from work so much as the frequency that worries me.

  1. The frequency of Kara’s phone calls increased rapidly.
  2. I am majored in audio frequency amplifier.
  3. He tuned his radio to the police frequency.
  4. Fatal accidents have decreased in frequency over recent years.

What means wicked good?

most awesome
Like most of us raised in New England, I grew up saying “wicked” as a synonym for “very” or “extremely,” as in “wicked good,” which clearly means “most awesome.” It seems like it’s been around forever.

How do you say wicked?

You can put the –ed suffix on wick, and talk about a /wɪkt/ candle or /wɪkt/ lamp, but in those cases, the word has just one syllable, as you’d expect. According to the OED, the source for wicked is the Old English noun wicca, meaning “wizard.” The feminine form of this word is the source of our word witch.


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