Who has a crush on Shiroe in Log Horizon?

Initially, Akatsuki looks at Shiroe as someone who helps her out of being trapped in a man’s body. But over time, she starts to develop feelings for Shiroe, thanks to his reliability and belief in her.

Does Shiroe love Minori?

Eventually, Minori develops feelings for Shiroe and becomes a love rival for Akatsuki.

Why is Nureha obsessed with Shiroe?

Nureha has an obsession with Shiroe, which was born when he complimented her for her talents in the game. Shiroe, however, has no memory of ever doing such a thing, and knows her only as the “Ruler of the West” and the leader of Plant Hwyaden.

Does Minori like Shiroe?

She harbors feelings for Shiroe and tries to get others to see more of his good points rather than his “Villain in Glasses” persona (although some of these attempts have the opposite effect).

Who is the traitor in Log Horizon?

Shiroe is known as the Villain in Glasses in the series. He has earned this name because he has no fear of using whatever he has to to get what he wants. Shiroe is usually trying to get something that will benefit everyone, but this doesn’t help the perception.

Who is the strongest player in Log Horizon?

William Massachusets, the guild master of the Silver Wind, is one of the strongest and most formidable characters in the World of Elder Tales. Though he has an egoistic and uncompromising personality, we can’t ignore the fact that he’s a great leader and a great inspiration for his party members.

How old is Minori Kushieda?

Kushieda Minori

Minori Kushieda
Age 16
Eyes Color Violet
Hair Color Red
Title Minorin

Who is the enemy in Log Horizon?

Nureha (real name: Touko Hagio) is one of the main antagonists of the light novel and anime series, Log Horizon.

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