What is a slang word for jewelry?

bling. (or bling-bling), ice. [slang]

How do you describe jewelry in Spanish?

Jewelry in Spanish is full of dazzling color, shine, and style….Forms.

el collar necklace
los aretes earrings
el reloj watch
el colgante, el dije, el pendiente pendant
la tiara tiara

Is ice another word for jewelry?

Ice. Meaning: (Noun): This is an extremely common slang term for jewelry. It’s also popular in New York slang.

What does the black fist charm mean?

Having newborn babies wear an azabache (a gold bracelet or necklace with a black or red coral charm in the form of a fist), is believed to protect them from the evil eye.

What is a Chrysophilist?

Definition of chrysophilist : a lover of gold.

What is necklace slang for?

A pearl necklace is a slang term referring to a sexual act in which a man ejaculates semen on or near the neck, chest, or breast of another person. If ejaculation is onto the other person’s face it can be called a facial.

What do rappers call diamonds?

The word ‘bling’ originated from the hip-hop song, Friends by Tupac Shakur. Another famous hip-hop term used today is, bling-bling.

What Stone is azabache?

black onyx stone
The azabache is a black onyx stone. Cleaned and polished and attached to a pin of some sort. The unassuming azabache is the grand protector of all Cuban babies from untold evils.

What does mano de azabache mean?

In our culture dads are supposed to hand out cigars. In China, dads hand out red boiled eggs. Well, Puerto Rico’s tradition is bad ass. They put a black fist on the baby’s wrist! Puerto Ricans call it mano de azabache and it’s meant to ward off evil.

What is the meaning of Ergophile?

A person who enjoys working
ergophile (plural ergophiles) A person who enjoys working.

What does the 3 pearl necklace mean?

The future monarch was only 25 years old when she lost her beloved dad, and the pearl necklace that she received from him as a young girl remains a powerful reminder of the special bond they shared. Elizabeth loved the three-strand pearl necklace so much that she had an identical one made.

What does it mean when a guy wears pearls?

Like many other more traditionally feminine modes of dress, pearls can register as an expression of androgyny or queer identity – or at the very least push gently at the increasingly porous boundaries of gender. But by now, their widespread appeal means they’re no longer automatically subversive.

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