Whats louder Corsa or Borla?

Because of the tone difference, the Xtreme perceives louder from outside. Borla is definitely louder in the car.

Is the Corsa sport too loud?

The Sport really isn’t too loud at all. Sure, it’ll turn heads when you get on it hard, but otherwise the throttle is your volume knob.

Is Borla S-Type louder than stock?

Our S-Type exhaust systems are louder than stock, aggressive, and provide a deep, throaty, muscle-car sound. Our ATAK® exhaust systems provide a very loud, very aggressive, race-car sound.

Is the Borla S-type too loud?

As far as sound and durability its hands down to any other muffler ive heard on a v8. Not too loud but just enough to get everyones attention when you get into the throttle. At normal driving and idle it’s very quiet.

What’s the loudest Corsa exhaust?

CORSA Exhaust offers 3 levels of sound: XTREME – their loudest offering for those who want the loudest baddest sounding system out there with an aggressive tone, CORSA’s SPORT systems for their mid sound level is a great alternative for customers who want an aggressive sounding unique exhaust but who do not necessarily …

Does Corsa exhaust get louder?

Well-Known Member. LOL that Corsa exhausts get louder over time. Only fiberglass mufflers or packed resonators “age” and get a different tone as the fiberglass can burn out. There is zero fiberglass in a corsa muffler.

Is Borla S Type louder than touring?

The Touring is just a little louder than stock. It sounds good when you get on the gas and has zero drone.

What is the loudest Borla muffler?

Borla exhausts are available in three noise levels if you like: ATAK – the loudest muffler on offer and it’s glorious (see video) S Type – the middle ground. Touring – sings, but only when you’re pushing.

Does Corsa exhaust increase horsepower?

When the C7 Corvette Corsa exhaust system is equipped with the X-pipe, dyno testing shows an increase of 20-horsepower and 15 pound-feet of torque.

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