How accurate is Presidium Gem Tester?

The presidium gem tester is not considered to be very accurate. You don’t see serious gemologist using them. If I was to own just one tool it would be a refractometer.

How does Presidium Gem Tester work?

Simply touch the Gem Tester’s sophisticated thermoelectric probe to the surface of any Mounted or Loose stone and the specially calibrated dial will show you the relative heat conductivity of the material. Stones as small as 1mm can be tested.

What is a presidium duo tester?

The Presidium Duo Tester is built to test thermal conductivity of popular gemstones, loose or mounted. The Presidium Duo Tester has an easy-to-read dial that indicates the thermal conductivity of the most popular gemstones and simulants, loose or mounted.

How do you use a refractometer for gemstones?

To use the refractometer, open the lid, then place a small amount of R.I. fluid on the refractometer’s measuring glass using the bottle’s built-in dropper. This fluid is necessary to create “optical contact” between the glass and the gemstone.

How do you use a gem tester?

Hold the diamond tester in your right hand, with your index finger touching the electricity-conducting panel on the top of the diamond tester. Press the probe tip at a right angle (see example) onto the top of the stone. Do not press the tester to a stone at an angle less than 90 degree.

How do you use gem tester?

How do you find the refractive index of a gemstone?

The RI of most gems is easily measured using a simple optical instrument known as a refractometer. Some gemstones are singly refractive; they have only one refractive index, but most are doubly refractive; they have two different refractive indices.

What gemstone has the highest refractive index?

The following table organizes gemstones from highest to lowest refractive indices….Refractive Indices and Double Refraction Values.

Gemstone Refractive Index Double Refraction
Ruby (corundum) 1.762-1.778 0.008
Sapphire (corundum) 1.762-1.778 0.008
Benitoite 1.757-1.804 0.047
Shattuckite 1.752-1.815 0.063

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