Can you walk around glencorse reservoir?

It’s a fairly easy walk with a small climb which provides nice views back down to the water. Starting from the car park you follow the trails west along Glencorse Burn before a short woodland section leads you to the reservoir. You can then follow a path along the water before climbing toward Castlelaw Hill.

Can you swim in glencorse reservoir?

Glencourse Reservoir, Pentland Hills The west end of the reservoir is often reserved for shore fishing, but the water is plenty big enough for swimmers and anglers alike.

Where is glencorse reservoir?

Midlothian, Scotland
Glencorse Reservoir is a reservoir in Midlothian, Scotland, UK, two miles west of Glencorse, in the Pentland Hills.

What do you wear to the Pentlands?

Wear Appropriate Clothing Wind and waterproof clothing is essential. Walking in the valleys is not the same as strolling on the hills, so be prepared. Dress in thinner layers is the best way to go. Fleece, hat and gloves are important as well.

How do you climb Scald Law?

Continue on the path over a small rise then descend to a fence, through a gate and climb to the summit of Carnethy Hill and its large cairn. Continue along this main path descending to a fence and stile. Cross this fence and climb to summit of Scald Law and its trig point.

Where are the Pentland Hills?

Edinburgh, Scotland
The Pentland Hills are a range of hills southwest of Edinburgh, Scotland. The range is around twenty miles (thirty kilometres) in length, and runs southwest from Edinburgh towards Biggar and the upper Clydesdale.

Is it legal to swim in a reservoir?

We now stay open all year round and allow swimming no matter the water temperature. However as the water temperature drops the course size reduces and times are restricted.

Who owns Harperrig reservoir?

The 96 hectare reservoir is owned by the City of Edinburgh Council and managed by their City Development department as part of the Water of Leith Flood Prevention Scheme.

Where does Edinburgh water come from?

It dams the Megget River, which flows into the loch, and impounds water from around half of the St Mary’s Loch catchment. Aqueducts and pipelines convey the water to Glencorse Reservoir, dating from 1822, to Gladhouse Reservoir, dating from 1879, and to Rosebery Treatment Works, which was built in 1953.

Where does Edinburgh tap water come from?

Glencorse Reservoir is a reservoir in Midlothian, Scotland, two miles west of Glencorse, in the Pentland Hills.

What do you need for walking?

What to Carry in your Rucksack

  1. First Aid Kit.
  2. Mobile Phone (Fully charged)
  3. Emergency Whistle.
  4. Map & Compass (Even if you use GPS)
  5. Torch or Headtorch (Important at all times, but especially through Autumn/Winter months)
  6. Suncream (Even if it doesn’t look that sunny, UV rays can still get through)

What do people wear in Edinburgh in July?

June, July and Autumn, the summer months in Scotland can be warm, and dry, warm and wet or wet and very cold. You need to be able to go from t-shirt and shorts to warm fleece and waterproofs in a matter of minutes.

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