Who is bob Caslen?

Robert Louis Caslen Jr. (born November 30, 1953) is a retired United States Army officer who served as the 59th superintendent of West Point from 2013 until 2018 and as the 29th president of the University of South Carolina from July 2019 until May 2021.

Is Bob caslen married?

He has been married to the former Michele Pastin since 1977. They have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren. Bob Caslen also serves on First Command Military Advisory Board.

How old is the president of University of South Carolina?

Amiridis, 59, is a native of Greece and a U.S. citizen.

What nationality is Michael amiridis?

A native of Greece and a U.S. citizen, Amiridis earned his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki in Greece, and his Ph. D. in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He and his wife, Ero Aggelopoulou-Amiridis, have two children.

Who runs UIC?

As the head of one of three distinct universities in the University of Illinois System, the chancellor reports directly to the president and the Board of Trustees….UIC administration.

Name Title
Michael D. Amiridis Chancellor
Javier Reyes Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

What is UIC famous for?

UIC is known for Being the largest university in the Chicago area, having more than 34,000 students enrolled in its 16 colleges. In the 2022 U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of colleges and universities, UIC ranked as 46th among public national universities.

When did UICC become UIC?

September 1982
In September 1982, the University of Illinois system consolidated UICC and UIMC to form the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

What is a chancellor vs president?

In the United States, heads of colleges and universities are typically called “president.” A multi-campus university system may be headed by a chancellor who serves as systemwide chief, with presidents governing individual institutions.

Is UIC liberal?

University of Illinois at Chicago #5 Most Liberal Colleges in Illinois.

Is UIC better than NIU?

UIC – Academic Comparison | UnivStats….Northern Illinois vs. UIC.

Northern Illinois UniversityDekalb, IL Request Info University of Illinois at ChicagoChicago, IL Request Info
Smaller4,492 Graduate Student Population Larger11,597
Smaller1,499 Online Student Population Larger26,134
Completion & Outcomes
Lower48% Graduate Rate Higher63%

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