What is Form No 31?

PF Advance Form 31 is a declaration that an employee needs to withdraw funds from an EPF account before retirement. Employees can submit EPF claim Form 31 for specified purposes which includes purchase/construction of home, wedding or education of self/sibling/child, repayment of home loan and medical emergencies.

What is Form 30 A?

Form No.30A : An undertaking signed by the Employer or through whom such person is in receipt of the income to the effect that tax payable by such person shall be paid by the employer or through whom such person is in receipt of the income.

Who must fill in the RLV form?

The buyer must complete the Application for registration and licencing of motor vehicle form (RLV) for submission. The buyer must submit the vehicle registration certificate, if the vehicle was registered in South Africa.

What is RLV form?

Application for registration and licencing of motor vehicle (Form RLV)

How do I claim form 31 online?

Step 1: Log in to the UAN portal through the official government website. Step 2: Check if the required KYC details are updated and verified. Step 3: Once the KYC details are verified, visit the “online service” tab and choose claim Form 31. Step 4: Next, Fill in details like KYC, service details, etc.

How much can I withdraw from 31?

Employees can obtain an advance from their EPF balance up to three months’ salary or wages plus dearness allowance, or 75% of the balance standing in their account, whichever is less. The advance is non-refundable and the employee need not deposit the money withdrawn back into their EPF account.

Where can I get Form 30?

In order to get this important piece of documentation you need to complete a Form 30, which you will get from your accredited adoption social worker and then post it to “The Director General; Department of Social Development Private Bag X901 Pretoria, 0001”.

Can I do change of ownership online?

To transfer ownership of a vehicle, you must fill out a yellow Notification of Change of Ownership (NCO) form. This can be downloaded from the internet here, or you can acquire one of these forms from your local Traffic Department.

What is NCO form?

A notice of change of ownership must be submitted whenever a vehicle is sold or gifted. The vehicle registration system is updated with the details of the new owner of the vehicle. Please send us the following: – Identity Document of the buyer (person receiving the vehicle)

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