How do I get my Turtle Beach headphones to work on my PC?

On your PC, go to Settings >> Devices >> Connected Devices. Choose Add A Device. Windows will search for the headset….

  1. On the Windows Taskbar, right-click the Speaker icon and select “Sounds”.
  2. Set TURTLE BEACH Stealth 600 as your default device.

Can you hook up Turtle Beach to PC?

While the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Xbox headset was designed to be used with an Xbox console directly, it can be used with a Windows PC, using a specific setup. Please Note: This headset can be used with Windows PCs only.

Do all Turtle Beach headphones work on PC?

Yes they can. They can be used with Windows 10 PCs. Also, Turtle Beach makes specific headphones just for PS4, so I would recommend searching for those if you are interested.

How do I get my computer to recognize my USB headset?

USB Headset Troubleshooting

  1. Unplug the headset from the PC’s USB port and reboot the computer.
  2. Plug the headset directly into the PC and not into a hub or docking station.
  3. Make sure the headset is selected as the default device in the PC under both the Sound Recorder and Playback options.

Why is my headset not working on PC?

If your headset isn’t working, the problem might be in the drivers. Head to Device Manager and uninstall the drivers for the connected headset. Reboot the PC and connect the headset once again to let Windows reinstall them. Yes, it’s the tried and true “turn it off and on again” process, but it works.

How do I fix my headphones not working on my computer?

  1. Isolate the Problem.
  2. Make Sure Headphones Are Set as Enabled and Set as Default Device.
  3. Update, Reinstall or Replace Sound Drivers.
  4. Change the “Default Format” of Your Headphones.
  5. Choose HD Audio Over AC97.
  6. Ensure Bluetooth Is Working Correctly.
  7. Wireless Headphone Issues.
  8. Replace Headphone Audio Port.

Do USB headsets need drivers?

If your headphones were USB headphones, they may not require drivers as there is a standard manufacturers can follow so the devices they create do not need additional drivers.

How do I get my computer to recognize my headset microphone?

In Control Panel, select Large icons from the View by drop down menu. Select Sound. Select the Recording tab, then right-click on any empty place inside the device list and tick Show Disabled Devices. Right click the Headset Microphone and click Enable.

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