Who controls the bridge in Asgard?

Thor’s Return to Asgard By 2017, Loki had charged Heimdall with treason and employed Skurge to take Heimdall’s place as Guardian of the Bifrost. During his time as Gatekeeper, Skurge repeatedly used the Bifrost to travel to the Nine Realms to procure items, even visiting Texas and acquiring two assault rifles.

Who is the current ruler of Asgard?

King Brunnhilde
New Asgard

No. Name Reign
6 King Thor 2017—2023
7 King Brunnhilde 2023–present

Who are the rulers of Asgard?

Odin is one of the most important gods of Norse mythology and the supreme ruler of Asgard. Venerated under the name Wōden by the Anglo-Saxons and known as Wotan by the German peoples, this prominent figure is associated with battle, death, the hunt, magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, war, and wisdom.

Who gave Heimdall his power?

Heimdall overlooking all of the Nine Realms Heimdall possessed tremendous sensory capabilities far beyond that of any Asgardians, which made Odin appoint him the Gatekeeper to Asgard.

Who is in charge of the Bifrost?

An all-seeing Asgardian in charge of guarding the Rainbow Bridge known as the Bifrost, Heimdall’s keen skills serve him well as a first line of defense. 525 lbs.

Who fixed the Bifrost?

After Thor returned to Asgard with Loki and the Tesseract, he and Heimdall used the Tesseract’s power to rebuild the Bifrost.

Who ruled Asgard after Odin?

Thor was the heir of Asgard and thus the one who would have ruled after his father, Odin, but he chose not to do so – and here’s why. Thor could have taken the throne of Asgard following Odin’s death, but the God of Thunder has chosen to stay far from the role of king – and here’s why.

Who ruled Asgard after Thor?

Comic. The Asgardian Royal Family was the ruling dynasty of Asgard, established by Buri, the first king of the Asgardians. The family ceased to stay in power in 2023, when Buri’s last living descendant, Thor, abdicated from the throne and named Valkyrie as King.

Who was the first king of Asgard?

Buri was the first King of Asgard, father of Bor, grandfather of Odin, great grandfather of Thor and Hela and adoptive great grandfather of Loki. Since his reign, Asgard has protected the Nine Realms.

Can Heimdall see Thanos?

While Heimdall was shown capable of hearing Asgardians call him across the universe and even share his visions with Thor, since the very first Thor movie, he also failed to spot upcoming threats by allowing Frost Giants to sneak into Asgard and even failing to see Thanos and his ship arriving in Avengers: Infinity War.

Why is Heimdall so powerful?

Guardian of the Bifrost Heimdall was chosen because of his powers of perception, being able to see and hear across time and thus predicting a coming attack by the Storm Giants.

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