What is a pretrial diversion in Tennessee?

Diversion in Tennessee In a pretrial diversion – also known as a suspended prosecution – the defendant has not yet pled guilty or been found guilty. Pretrial diversion may be granted if all the statutory requirements are met, and they meet the terms that are agreed upon with the District Attorney.

What does pre diversion mean?

A pretrial diversion is an alternative to prosecution that’s meant to circumvent the standard criminal justice process by entering a program that involves supervision and other services administered by the U. S. Probation Service.

Is a diversion a conviction in Tennessee?

The judicial diversion is effectively a conditional guilty plea. If granted, you plead guilty, but the case is dismissed and the court does not find you guilty, if you conform to the terms of your probation.

What is a diversion in court Tennessee?

Diversions are programs offered in the state of Tennessee, through which certain 1st-time offenders might be eligible to avoid serving time and having a criminal record. Diversions are periods of probation during which the general prosecution of your case or your sentence is deferred.

What can you use diversion for?

Under the diversion scheme people appearing in court on relatively minor criminal charges can be granted police diversion provided they admit guilt and agree to several other actions, usually an apology and reparation to the victim or a donation to charity.

How does pretrial diversion work in MS?

The Pre-Trial Diversion Program is an alternative to traditional sentencing available for utilization by the District Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the Circuit Court. The purpose of this program is to provide the defendant with an opportunity to avoid a felony conviction.

What can I expect at a diversion interview?

You’ll have a face-to-face meeting with the diversion officer soon after your first appearance in court. At the interview, the rules will be explained by the diversion officer, and generally, you will need to accept responsibility for the crime and admit to committing the offence.

What kinds of Offences can be considered for diversion?

What kinds of offences can and can’t be considered for diversion?

  • offending that’s likely to carry a significant sentence.
  • traffic offences where the law says that you must be disqualified from driving for a minimum period.
  • dishonesty offences where there’s been a breach of trust, or burglary.
  • family violence offences.

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