What happens in the season 5 finale of mentalist?

By the end of The Mentalist’s Season 5 finale, viewers will finally know Red John’s real name. Despite the twists and tricks of the past, creator and executive producer Bruno Heller insists that one of the names on Jane’s list is indeed his serial-killing nemesis.

Who dies in season 5 of The Mentalist?

Jane is seen making himself a cup of tea while sadly looking out a window, indicating that he most likely ingested belladonna to see his daughter again. A bank is robbed, but in the process, one of the bank employees, Ernie, is shot and killed.

What happens in season 5 of The Mentalist?

With the help of Bret Stiles, Jane orchestrates an elaborate plan to break Lorelei Martins out of prison in the hopes of her leading him to Red John. The CBI team investigates the murder of a real estate agent with former gang ties, while Jane searches for leads on his new connection to Red John.

Is Sean Barlow Red John?

Sean Barlow is a character who appears in Red John’s Rules. He’s a very smart Irish psychic, an acquiantance of Patrick Jane and former friend of Alex Jane; he said that his grandfather and Patrick’s great-grandfather moved from Ireland to the USA together.

What happens in Season 5 episode 8 of The Mentalist?

Patrick arranges Lorelei’s escape from prison and then kidnaps her to get answers about Red John. Meanwhile, Lorelei’s mother shares with agent Lisbon a shocking detail about her family. Patrick arranges Lorelei’s escape from prison and then kidnaps her to get answers about Red John.

Is season 7 the last season of The Mentalist?

The seventh and final season of the CBS police procedural series The Mentalist, created by Bruno Heller, premiered on November 30, 2014 and concluded with its 2-hour series finale on February 18, 2015.

How Red John know the list?

They got inside the building by pretending to fix the AC that was broken (mentioned in the episode). They took videos and photos of Jane’s work so the inside man knew everything. Pretty sure he reported it to Red John so that’s how he ended up having that list.

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