What does unremarkable mean on a medical report?

Unremarkable: Just what you think it means. Boring! Normal. Negative: Usually referring to a medical test. Generally means that the test did not find anything abnormal.

What is the difference between normal and unremarkable?

The term “normal” is a complete evaluation. When a radiologist describes an imaging study as “unremarkable” or a finding in an imaging study as “unremarkable” the radiologist is saying that the study or finding is either “normal” or has abnormalities that are of no significance to the patient in that situation.

Why do doctors say unremarkable?

Unremarkable meaning describes the report as normal, which means that there is nothing to report. Nevertheless, it’s a very powerful word used by radiologists that is helpful for medical experts. In the case of unremarkable meaning, there is nothing to worry about. It reflects that the patient is fine.

What is the difference between unremarkable and grossly unremarkable?

Grossly Unremarkable means that a close examination of an affected part of a body with the naked eye did not reveal anything peculiar. Therefore, it is ‘grossly’ understandable that nothing was worth diagnosing, or in other words, it is ‘unremarkable. ‘ This does not necessarily mean that everything is okay.

What is a synonym for unremarkable?

Synonyms for unremarkable. average, common, commonplace, cut-and-dried.

What does Patent mean on a CT scan?

What Does Patent Mean On Ct Scan? The article appeared on 3/29/2021. The right to move with freedom: Open, unobstructed. Patent, for instance, may apply to a bowel that prevents obstructed functioning (as opposed to obstructed operation). It is pronounced as “pa-tent” with its “ant” on the first syllable.

What is the opposite of unremarkable?

Opposite of plain or lacking in interesting features or characteristics. abnormal. exceptional. extraordinary. odd.

Does patent mean open?

1. open, unobstructed, or not closed.

What is another word for unremarkable?

What is another word for unremarkable?

ordinary average
normal standard
mediocre usual
workaday humdrum
undistinguished mundane

What’s a synonym for unremarkable?

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