What are the four categories of folding cartons for packaging?

There are straight tuck boxes, reverse tuck boxes, 1-2-3 auto-lock boxes, 5-panel boxes, just to name a few… How do you know what box to order for your product, anyway? To make things easier for you, in this post we’re going to explain all folding carton styles and how you can best fit each feature to your product.

What is the difference between corrugated and folding carton?

Visually, folding boxes are single-layers often feeling like some thick cardstock. Since folding cartons are printed in full color, it helps with branding and promotions of retail businesses or brands. Corrugated packaging, on the other hand, has a fluted sheet that is found between the two outer linerboard sheets.

What are the different types of cartons?

What Are The Different Types Of Carton Packaging?

  • Carton Packaging – The packaging of products is an unavoidable part of commerce.
  • Folding Cartons.
  • Rigid Cartons.
  • Boxboard/Paperboard cartons.
  • Corrugated boxes.
  • Braille Cartons.
  • Slotted Cartons.
  • Aseptic Cartons.

What are folding cartons made of?

A folding carton is a product container of varying sizes and shapes, typically made from paperboard. The paperboard can be printed with artwork and graphics, then die cut, creased, folded and glued.

What is an individual folding carton?

Folding carton boxes, also known as custom product boxes, are paperboard boxes primarily used for packaging individual products (e.g. perfume, candles, beauty products).

How are folding cartons made?

A folding carton is built out of paperboard, and it then goes through a cutting, folding, and lamination process and then it undergoes printing for transport to a packager.

What is carton made of?

Cartons are mainly made from paper in the form of paperboard, as well as thin layers of polyethylene (plastic).

What is CFB carton?

Corrugated Fiber Board (CFB) is a sandwich structure in which several paperboard materials, linerboard is glued to a sine wave shaped core, flute/corrugated medium. CFB packaging is a versatile, economic, light, robust, recyclable, practical and dynamic form of packaging.

What are the 3 P’s of packaging?

Packaging actually has its very own 5 Ps, the perfect tool to understand and improve the efficacy of a product’s pack. These are: Promote, Position, Present, Provide and Protect.

What is an aseptic carton?

In packaging, multilayer aseptic carton refers to thin multilayer structures made by combining layers of paperboard, plastic and aluminium. Multilayer aseptic carton for milk and beverages can be single portion and family size.

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