What do Tottenham fans shout?

Yiddo, Yiddo
Tottenham Fans chant “Yiddo, Yiddo” repeatedly, “Yid”, or “Yid Army”. Some fans view adopting “Yid” as a way of reclaiming the word as a badge of honour and pride, helping defuse its power as an insult.

What is the Y-word Tottenham fans sing?

Used as a derogatory term for Jewish people, “Y**” is commonplace at Tottenham games in chants by Spurs fans who use the term as a badge of honour.

Why do Tottenham fans say Yids?

A number of European clubs, such as Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax have become associated with being Jewish. In the case of Tottenham Hotspur, rival fans chanted antisemitic abuse including ‘Yids’ against Tottenham fans.

What’s the Tottenham Y-word?

The “Y-word” is a pejorative term or insult for Jewish people, which is used ironically by Tottenham fans. In 2019, the club found that 33% of respondents in a survey used the “Y-word” in a footballing context, while almost half of the people who took part wanted to see the word used less, or not at all.

What is Tottenham’s motto?

Founded in 1882, Tottenham’s emblem is a cockerel standing upon a football, with the Latin motto Audere est Facere (“to dare is to do”).

What is meant by the Y-word?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has added a variant of the ‘Y-word’ as a new entry to describe supporters and players for Tottenham. Usage of the term to describe Jewish people can be considered offensive, but some Spurs fans have historically adopted the word in terrace chants.

What does yiddo mean?

noun. British. 1 slang, derogatory, offensive A Jewish person. 2 slang In extended use: a supporter of or player for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (traditionally associated with the Jewish community in north and east London); = “Yid”.

What is a Y word?

The ‘Y-word’ is a term considered an antisemitic slur against Jewish people. It has also been used by some supporters of Tottenham Hotspur FC for decades – albeit in a different context.

What is a YIDO?

British. 1 slang, derogatory, offensive A Jewish person.

Why are Tottenham called Hotspur?

Since the 1921 FA Cup Final the Tottenham Hotspur crest has featured a cockerel. Harry Hotspur, after whom the club is named, was said to have been given the nickname Hotspur as he dug in his spurs to make his horse go faster as he charged in battles, and spurs are also associated with fighting cocks.

What is Tottenham Hotspur mascot?

The Spurs Chirpy mascot soft toy is the perfect cuddly companion for young supporters. With his open-beaked smile, outstretched wings, lace-up football boots and white Spurs shirt, he is instantly recognisable as our beloved team’s friendly mascot.

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