How do you complete apexis relic?

Click the Apexis Relic and you will be asked to use your Apexis Shard. After a few seconds a beam from the relic will hit one of the buttons around it. When the beam has hit a button, you simply push the button it hit. Next level, the relic will hit two buttons.

How do you use OGRI lazy?

When you interact with an Apexis Relic/Monument, the Ogri’Lazy window appears automatically. The window shows four buttons, each representing a color; add the sequence the Relic is playing by pressing the buttons (or the hotkeys), and Ogri’Lazy will automatically keep track of the sequence for you.

How do you farm apexis shards?

They are a reward from several daily quests: Banish More Demons, Bomb Them Again!, The Relic’s Emanation, Wrangle More Aether Rays! … They can be found in Kronk’s Grab Bag, a reward from Banish More Demons.

How do I get apexis shards TBC?

The shards can’t be vendored directly, but you can buy potions and flasks and then vendor those (or auction them if that works on your server).

How do you unlock OGRI La quest?

To begin with, speak with Grok, located in the Lower City, near the Lower City quartermaster, and he will send you on the Speak with the Ogre to meet with Mog’dorg the Wizened in Blade’s Edge Mountains. This will begin a chain to unlock the Ogri’la faction; this quest chain is short but requires 5 people.

How do I get to OGRI LA without flying?

Location. Ogri’la is situated near the western edge of Blade’s Edge Mountains, between Forge Camp: Terror and Forge Camp: Wrath, just west of Sylvanaar. Ogri’la is only accessible by flying mount/form. If your reputation is honored or higher with Sha’tari Skyguard, you can also get a free ride to the quest hub.

Can you get to Ogrila without flying?

Ogri’la is situated on a plateau near the western edge of the Blade’s Edge Mountains, west of Sylvanaar, and between Forge Camp Terror and Forge Camp Wrath. It is only accessible by a flying mount or flight form.

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