How big is Ethiopian dam project?

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a 6,450 MW hydropower project nearing completion on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, located about 30 km upstream of the border with Sudan. It will be the largest hydropower project in Africa.

Is the Ethiopian dam completed?

Project Background Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam began in April of 2011 and finished in July of 2020. The dam can hold up to 74 billion cubic meters of water, which makes it the largest hydropower project in Africa.

Does Ethiopia start filling the dam?

The process of filling the GERD’s vast reservoir began in 2020, with Ethiopia announcing in July of that year it had hit its target of 4.9 billion cubic metres. The reservoir’s total capacity is 74 billion cubic metres, and the target for 2021 was to add 13.5 billion.

Why does Ethiopia want to build a dam?

Ethiopians see building the dam as a fundamental right, one that could bring electricity to the more than half of Ethiopians who don’t have access at home. Egyptians see their fate potentially falling into foreign hands.

Who funds Ethiopia dam?

The people and Government of Ethiopia are funding the project, which will not only serve Ethiopia, but Sudan and Egypt as well. The latter two countries depend on the Nile River for their water although 85% of the river flows in Ethiopia. The dam’s construction is expected to create up to 12,000 jobs.

Which is the largest dam in Africa?

Located between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Kariba dam, at 128 meters tall and 579 meters long, is the largest man-made dam in the world.

Who owns the Nile?

Egypt entirely controls the river’s flow from the moment it crosses the border from Sudan and is captured by the High Aswan dam, built by Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser with Russian help in the 1960s. But Egypt’s control depends on what comes downstream, over which it has no control.

What are the 5 biggest dams in Africa?

Top 6 Largest Dams in Africa

  1. Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Ethiopia) This is the largest dam in Africa.
  2. Katse Arch Dam (Lesotho)
  3. Aswan Dam (Egypt)
  4. Tekeze Dam (Ethiopia)
  5. Akosombo Dam (Ghana)
  6. Kariba Dam (Zambia and Zimbabwe)

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