What words are associated with vampires?

Vampire Words

  • bloodline.
  • crone.
  • invictus.
  • camarilla.
  • gangrel.
  • daeva.
  • awe.
  • cheval.

What is vampire simple words?

Definition of vampire 1 : the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep. 2a : one who lives by preying on others. b : a woman who exploits and ruins her lover.

What is the Latin word for vampire?

How to say vampire in Latin

vamp vamoose
valves valve
vampire bat vampires
vamp up van
Van vanadium

What is a cool vampire name?

Vampire Names Inspired by Movies, TV, Games, and Literature

Celeste Riley Otis
Roddy Boone Strahd
Edimmu Cody Janus
Urado Roman Cassius
Morticia Alucard

Who was the first vampire in the Bible?

According to biblical scholars, alukah can mean “blood-lusting monster” or vampire. Alukah is first referred to in Proverbs 30 of the Bible (Prov. 30:16). While this may seem to be a reasonable postulation, the problem with it is that the word “alukah” does not appear in the passage.

What does vampire mean in Greek?

Vrykolakas (Greek βρυκόλακας, pronounced [vriˈkolakas]), also called vorvolakas or vourdoulakas, is a harmful, undead creature in Greek folklore. It shares similarities with numerous other legendary creatures, but is generally equated with the vampire of the folklore of the neighbouring Slavic countries.

What is a family of vampires called?

0. A group of vampires is called a clutch, brood, pack or clan.

What girl name means vampire?

Vampire Names for Girls With Immortal Beauty

Name Meaning Origin
Aerith Created Name American
Ailith Seasoned warrior English
Aithne Fire Gaelic
Aldith Seasoned warrior; battle-seasoned English

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