What school district is Maryland Heights MO?

Charles R-VI School District.

What school district is St Ann Mo?

Ferguson-Florissant R-II School District.

Is Pattonville High School a good school?

Pattonville High School is ranked among the top high schools in Missouri and the nation on U.S. News and World Report’s 2021 Best High Schools list. Pattonville ranked as No. 37 out of 603 high schools in Missouri, placing it in the Top 6% of high schools in the state.

What school district is Cedar Hill MO?

Northwest R-i district

School Name: NORTHWEST HIGH NCES School ID: 292289001309
District Name: Northwest R-i district information NCES District ID: 2922890
Mailing Address: 6005 CEDAR HILL RD CEDAR HILL, MO 63016-2115 Physical Address: 6005 CEDAR HILL RD CEDAR HILL, MO 63016-2115
Type: Regular school Status: Open

Is pattonville a good school district?

9 in Missouri, among Top 4% in U.S. Out of more than 450 public school districts in Missouri, Pattonville is ranked No. 9 among the Best Public School Districts on Niche.com’s 2021 Best Districts in America list.

What school district is Bridgeton MO in?

Pattonville School District Five K through 5 elementary schools.

What school district is Bridgeton Missouri?

How many students attend Pattonville High School?

1,606Pattonville High School / Number of students (2018–2019)

What school district is Dittmer MO in?

Northwest R-I School District
Northwest R-I School District is a school district located in Jefferson County, Missouri serving High Ridge, Dittmer, House Springs, Cedar Hill and a portion of Fenton.

What does the R mean in Missouri school districts?

In the 1950’s, a drive to consolidate districts gained momentum and state lawmakers passed a measure that required a reorganization plan. And that’s where the “R” comes in. In a district title, it stands for reorganized.

When was Pattonville High School built?

1933Pattonville High School / Founded

What school district is High Ridge MO?


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