What does Nyben mean in Alora?

NYBEN. Not Yet Been Every Night.

Who is the founder of Buccaneer Confraternity?

These gentlemen – Dr. Bolaji Carew and Kunle Adigun – chose the name of their new confraternity with specific intent. Referring to the book “Fanny”, they knew that Buccaneers were meant to be society`s roving policemen, who are naturally and morally superior to all seafaring creatures – Hence, the name SEALORD.

Where is Alora found?

Álora Location in Spain
Coordinates: 36°49′N 4°42′W
Country Spain
Autonomous community Andalusia

When was Alora founded?

BRIEF HISTORY: Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN) was first founded in 1972 at the University of Ibadan as BUCCANEERS CONFRATERNITY a break away from PYRATES CONFRATERNITY and was officially registered with the Nigerian Government in 2002.

Who is Rica Ricardo?

Bolaji Carew was an active member of the Pyrates Confraternity and his code-name was “Rica Ricardo.” It is the tradition of the group for its members to adopt code-names. Rica Ricardo spearheaded a “mutiny” with other thirty members of the group.

What is brother across Nigeria?

Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN) calls on individuals, organisations and corporate bodies to lend a helping hand in supporting some of our causes.

What do pirates drink?

Grog, Beer and Rum Because of this, many seamen drank grog, beer or ale as opposed to water. Fresh water on board would often become tainted by green scum and slime, so a small amount of alcohol was often added in order to improve the bad taste of old water. This water and alcohol combination is better known as grog.

What is EIYE Confraternity?

The Supreme Eiye confraternity is not a CULT group but a PURE BROTHERHOOD association that was formed to promote: + to build a better personality. + mental development. + correct the ills of the society. +physical &mental development.

How did pirates eat?

Vegetables and meat were usually pickled or salted to preserve the food. Ships on long voyages relied on biscuits, dried beans and salted beef to live. For drinking, seamen chose beer or ale rather than water.


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