Does Kravet own Lee Jofa?

Kravet Inc. owns Kravet, Lee Jofa, GP & J Baker, Brunschwig & Fils and Donghia — all high end fabric houses that specialize in style, luxury and exceptional design.

Who owns Lee Jofa?

Kravet Inc.
Kravet Inc., is a home furnishings company established in 1918. This fifth generation family business distributes fabrics, furniture, wallcoverings, trimmings, carpets and accessories. Kravet Inc. owns Kravet, Lee Jofa, GP & J Baker, Brunschwig & Fils and Donghia.

How do you tell if a fabric can be railroaded?

Roll the fabric off the roll enough to see which way the pattern is facing. If the top of the pattern faces up towards the roll or down towards the fabric end, the fabric is up the roll (not railroaded). If the top of the pattern is sideways the fabric has been railroaded.

Can you Railroad velvet?

Not all fabrics are railroaded. Solid fabrics without a nap like cotton, vinyl and leather and small patterns may not require railroading. However, large patterns, stripes and fabrics like velvet and chenille that have a nap often work better if railroaded.

What is RR fabric?

Imagine a roll of paper towels that has a stripe on it. If the stripe runs across each individual sheet edge-to-edge, resembling short railroad ties, the pattern is ‘railroaded’ – hence the name ‘railroaded’. Some fabric descriptions shorten it to ‘RR’.

What is railroad stripe fabric?

Railroaded fabric refers to the way a fabric, particularly a pattern or stripe, is milled. Usually fabric patterns run “up the roll,” meaning the pattern flows from top to bottom, parallel with the selvage edges. On a fabric that is railroaded, the pattern runs across the roll from selvage edge to selvage edge.

What does up the bolt mean in fabric?

On railroaded upholstery fabric there aren’t any seams on sofa backs. Up the Bolt means that the pattern repeat is parallel with the selvages.

What is Fisher stripe fabric?

Description. Fisher Stripe has been a staple fabric for the American worker since the 1950’s. The durable herringbone weave provides our mechanics and craftsmen a reliable middle weight fabric choice for their everyday workwear.

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