How much horsepower does a John Deere 5055E have?

55 HP
5055E 5055E Tractor (55 HP)

How much can a John Deere 5055E lift?

With a rear hitch lift capacity of nearly 3,200 pounds, lifting and transporting those heavier implements – like rotary tillers and heavy seeders – are not an issue. Around the front, add a John Deere loader for up to 3,548 pounds lift capacity.

What does a John Deere 5055E weight?

5070 lbs

Manufacturer John Deere
Product Weight 5070 lbs
Length, Overall 137.8″
Width, Overall 72.5″
Height, Overall 94.8″

Where is JD 5055E made?

Pune, Maharashtra
John Deere 5055E

Manufacturer: John Deere
Type: Utility tractor
Factory: Pune, Maharashtra, India

How long is a John Deere 5055E with loader?

John Deere 5055E Dimensions

Wheelbase: 80.7 inches 204 cm
Length: 137.8 inches 350 cm
Width: 57.3 inches 145 cm *
Shipping weight: 5,070 lbs 2299 kg

What engine is in a John Deere 5055E?

Key Specs

Engine description John Deere PowerTech 3029
Engine displacement 3 cylinders: 2.9 L 179 cu in.
Rated engine power At 2100 rpm: 44.4 kW 59 hp
Maximum engine power
Rated PTO power (hp SAE) At 2100 rpm Cab 30.6 kW (41 PTO hp)

How much oil does a John Deere 5055E hold?

9 qts 8.5 L
John Deere 5055E Engine

Engine Oil
Oil capacity: 9 qts 8.5 L
Oil change: 100 h

What size is a John Deere 5055E?

John Deere 5055E has a wheelbase of 2050 mm which helps to have better stability for on-road and off-road usage. This tractor has a total of 2110 KG of weight i.e 2.1 tons. The overall length of the tractor is 3535 mm. These dimensions make this tractor an overall balanced tractor.

Where is JD 5055e made?

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