How do I know if my neighbor is cooking drugs?

Extensive security at the home or signs that indicate “Private Property” or “Beware of Dog”, fences, large shrubs, bushes and trees. Windows blackened or curtains always drawn. Occupants go outside the house to smoke cigarettes. Chemical odors coming from the house, garbage or detached buildings.

What is methylamine used for illegally?

In the United States, methylamine is controlled as a List 1 precursor chemical by the Drug Enforcement Administration due to its use in the illicit production of methamphetamine.

Whats a P2P cook?

A P2P cook, taking its name from the chemical phenylacetone (C9H10O, a.k.a. phenyl-2- propanone, or P2P), is a more complicated process with less room for error and a lower overall yield than a pseudoephedrine cook, but the precursors are relatively easier to come by in sufficient quantities.

What is acetone used for in drugs?

Acetone is one of the ketone bodies, and is used as a solvent in many pharmaceutical and commercial preparations. Acetone is an organic compound with the formula (CH3)2CO. In medicine, dermatologists use acetone with alcohol for skin treatments for acne.

What does ether smell like?

Ether-like: Aromatic, sweet odor often accompanied by a sweet taste. Sometimes described as a “hospital odor.” Nasal irritant. Solvent-like: Sweet odor from common solvents used in paint thinners, paint removers, adhesives, and cleaning flu- ids.

What could smell like nail polish in a house?

Acetone Fumes If you get a nail polish remover-like odor from your HVAC vents, the most likely cause is a refrigerant leak. This is another odd smell that needs prompt professional attention because a leak can end up ruining a costly component like the compressor if enough refrigerant is lost.

Is nail polish remover used in drugs?

The rationale is that acetone, the main ingredient in nail polish remover, is used in the manufacture of the illegal drug methamphetamine. CVS and other retailers already limit sales of over-the-counter decongestant pseudoephedrine, which is a key meth ingredient.

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