What is compact type heat exchanger?

A compact heat exchanger (CHE) is a piece of equipment built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another, being characterised by large heat transfer area-to-volume ratio (minimum 300 m2/m3), high heat transfer coefficients (up to 5000 W/m2K), small flow passages, and laminar flow.

How does a compact heat exchanger work?

Compact heat exchangers pack a large amount of heat transfer surface area (≥400 m2/m3) per unit volume of the heat exchanger. Gas flow is normally associated with poor heat transfer coefficients, so compact heat exchangers are employed when the heat transfer is between two gases or between a gas and a liquid.

What is the function of thermosyphon?

A thermosiphon is a passively driven thermal management device that utilizes the motive forces of natural convection and conduction. The device uses these forces to create a cyclic fluid flow from areas of high heat to low heat and back.

What is the thermosyphon effect?

The entire process may be explained by the thermosiphoning effect: When air or water is heated, it gains kinetic energy from the heating source and becomes excited. As a result, the water becomes less dense, expands, and thus rises.

What is compact heat exchanger Mcq?

ANSWER: b. the heat exchangers having large surface area per unit volume. 2. The heat exchanger is said to be compact when its area density is. a.

Which of the following are compact heat exchangers?

Plate-fin, tube-fin, and rotary regenerators are examples of compact heat exchangers for gas flow on one or both fluid sides, and gasketed, welded, brazed plate heat exchangers and printed-circuit heat exchan- gers are examples of compact heat exchangers for liquid flows.

How many pumps are used in thermosyphon system?

Answer. The thermo-syphon cooling system (Fig. 12.30) operates on the principle of natural convection caused by variation in density of water, and hence does not use a pump. The heated water expands, due to which the density decreases.

How the water circulation is obtained in thermosyphon system?

Thermosyphon system: In this system, the circulation of water is due to the difference in temperature of the water. So, in this system pump is not required but water is circulated because of density difference only.

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