How many sunken ships are in Lake Michigan?

1,500 shipwrecks
There are nearly 1,500 shipwrecks sprawled across Lake Michigan’s sandy floor, many dating back to the early 1800s! Swallowed by the water from ferocious storms, high waves, or fire, what remains of them now are wooden ribs, frames, and memories.

Which Michigan lake has the most shipwrecks?

Lake Erie
Lake Erie has an astonishing 2,000-plus shipwrecks which is among the highest concentration of shipwrecks in the world. Only about 400 of Lake Erie’s wrecks have ever been found. There are schooners, freighters, steamships, tugs and fishing boats among them.

What was the last ship to sink in Lake Superior?

Lake Superior

Ship Sunk date Coordinates
Edmund Fitzgerald 10 November 1975 46°59.91′N 85°06.61′W
Emperor 4 June 1947 48°12′2″N 88°29′30″W
USS Essex 13 October 1931 46°42′46″N 92°01′43″W
George Spencer 28 November 1905 47°28.41′N 90°59.59′W

What is the most famous shipwreck in Lake Michigan?

1. Lady Elgin. Lady Elgin sank on September 8th, 1860, and the tragic event represents the greatest loss of life on open water on the Great Lakes. 300 people died when the 252-foot sidewheel steamship was rammed in a gale by the scooner Augusta.

Can you see shipwrecks in Lake Michigan?

Though the past winter was the hottest on record, it was chilly enough on the East Coast to send seasonal sheets of ice creeping across the Great Lakes. Now that that ice has cleared with spring, Lake Michigan is clear enough that shipwrecks lying on the lake bottom can be seen from the air.

What is the oldest shipwreck in Lake Michigan?

the Griffon
It’s the oldest mystery on the Great Lakes: Whatever happened to the Griffon? It was the first big ship to sail the Great Lakes. Loaded with furs in what’s now Wisconsin, the Griffon was said to have sunk somewhere in northern Lake Michigan in 1679. A couple in Charlevoix think they’ve found it.

What’s the largest ship on the Great Lakes?

Tregurtha – Sporting the title “the Queen of the Lakes” for being the largest freighter to sail on the Great Lakes, “Big Paul” is a staggering 1,013 feet in length. The Paul R. Tregurtha is one of the most popular vessels on the Great Lakes.

How deep are shipwrecks in Lake Michigan?

Wrecks lie in water depths that range from a few inches to 200 feet, all well marked, making them perfect for diving beginners, experts, snorkelers and even those who catch the glass-bottom boat tours offered by Alpena Shipwreck Tours.

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