What is the 11th Five Year Plan of India?

India’s Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2007-2012)! The National Development Council (NDC) has approved the Eleventh Plan on 19th December 2007 to raise the average economic growth rate to 9 percent from 7.6 percent recorded during the Tenth Plan.

What is the theme of 11th plan of India?

Notes: The theme of the approach paper of the eleventh five year plan has been ‘towards faster and more inclusive growth’. The eleventh five year plan was operational during the time period of 2007-2012. It gave main thrust on social sector, agriculture and rural development.

What are the objective of 11th five year plan?

5. Objectives: The Eleventh Five Year Plan aims to achieve improved quality of life for the citizens of the state and contribute to the larger national goals of socio-economic development. This will require faster and more equitable social and economic development of the state.

How many plans are there in India?

Economic Planning In India – Five Year Plans

List of Five Year Plans in India [1951-2017]
Five Year Plans Years
Tenth Five year Plan 2002 –2007
Eleventh Five year Plan 2007-2012
Twelfth Five year Plan 2012-2017

Which is the most successful five year plan in India?

The correct answer is Eleventh plan. Eighth Five Year Plan: Its duration was from 1992 to 1997, under the leadership of P.V. Narasimha Rao.

What were the targets that were adopted in the 11th plan period?

Eleventh Plan (2007–2012) Rapid and inclusive growth (poverty reduction). Emphasis on social sector and delivery of service therein. Empowerment through education and skill development. Reduction of gender inequality.

What is the current five year plan?

The Five-Year Plans were laid to rest by the Narendra Modi-led NDA government in 2015. Hence, the 12th five-year plan is considered the last five-year plan of India. The decades-old Five-Year Plans was replaced by a three-year action plan, which will be part of a seven-year strategy paper and a 15-year vision document.

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