What singer did Beyoncé portray in Cadillac Records?

Etta James
When Beyoncé played the role of Etta James for last year’s Cadillac Records film, she performed At Last for the soundtrack. Before the premiere, Beyoncé said James was happy with her rendition. “She told me, ‘I loved you from the first time you sung,'” the 27-year-old told MTV News.

Did Beyoncé play in Cadillac Records?

Beyonce’s cover of Etta James’ “At Last” will lead the soundtrack for “Cadillac Records,” due Dec. 2 from Columbia. Beyonce stars as James in the film, which chronicles the rise and fall of iconic label Chess Records.

Did Beyoncé do her own singing in Cadillac Records?

Cadillac Records: Music From the Motion Picture is a soundtrack album for the film Cadillac Records. It features covers of classic songs from Chess Records’ singers as performed by the film’s actors including Beyoncé (as Etta James), Eamonn Walker (as Howlin’ Wolf) and Jeffrey Wright (as Muddy Waters).

What song did Beyoncé sing at the end of Cadillac Records?

Beyonce – I’d Rather Go Blind (Cadillac Records OST) – YouTube.

Who played Walter in Cadillac Records?

Columbus ShortCadillac Records
Miko DeFoorWho Do You Love?
Little Walter/Played by

What did Etta James think of Cadillac Records movie?

James said she loved how the film incorporated Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf and the music. However, she said there were some inconsistencies in the film. James said she and Chess were never linked romantically like they are in the film.

Did Beyonce win any awards for Cadillac Records?

NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
Black Reel Awards for Outstanding Supporting ActorBlack Reel Awards for Outstanding Film
Cadillac Records/Awards

Did Mos Def sing in Cadillac Records?

We know Beyonce is all over the upcoming “Cadillac Records” movie and soundtrack, led off by her version of Etta James’ “At Last” (she portrays James in the film). But rapper Mos Def, who portrays Chuck Berry, tackles Berry classics including “Nadine” and “Maybellene.”

Did Columbus Short sing in Cadillac Records?

Although he laughed that his “pipes are all right,” Short said he is already working with the rest of the cast on the songs for the film. “I sing — I just came back from New York this week, and I was cutting records,” Short said. “Honestly, I’m so excited.”

Who ran Cadillac Records?

Brothers Phil and Leonard Chess, who owned an upscale nightclub on Chicago’s South Side, began recording blues artists on their indie label Chess Records in the ’50s. “Cadillac” reduces this to a single brother, Leonard (Brody), and whizzes us through the brief but pivotal history of the label.

Is Cadillac Records a true story?

‘Cadillac Records,’ Staying True To The Tunes An exuberant fictionalization of the Chess Records story, Darnell Martin’s movie constructs a wobbly history. But the film is truer to one essential thing: the music. And that may be just enough to put it in the rock-flick Top 10.

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