What kind of Hull does a Cutwater 30 boat have?

stepped hull
ADVANCED CUTWATER HULL By aerating the running surface and reducing friction, the C-30 Sedan’s stepped hull provides significant performance and efficiency gains. The low shaft angle and robust keel are a hallmark of our inboard design, increasing efficiency and protecting the propeller.

What is a cutwater on a boat?

noun. Nautical. the forward edge of the stem of a vessel, dividing the water as the vessel advances. a vertical timber construction set forward of and following the stem of a wooden vessel below the water line, usually curving forward above the water line to support a beak-head or figurehead.

What Boats are similar to Cutwater?

7 Small, Trailerable Pocket Trawlers for New Cruisers

  • Beneteau Swift Trawler 35.
  • Cutwater C-24 Coupe.
  • Cutwater C-28.
  • Marlow Pilot 31.
  • Nordic Tug 26.
  • Ranger Tugs R-23.
  • Ranger Tugs R-25.

Where are Cutwater boats built?

Seattle Washington
Cutwater Boats are built in the United States near Seattle Washington, the gateway to the Alaska Inside Passage. Our location allows us to offer our customers the unique experience of cruising the San Juan Islands and areas nearby.

Who makes Cutwater?

Fluid Motion
Fluid Motion is a locally owned and operated family business that sells its Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats worldwide. The company operates six factories in Arlington, Monroe, Kent, and Auburn, Washington.

Who makes Ranger Tugs?

Fluid Motion (maker of Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats) is truly a family business. It was started that way and it remains that way today. One of the things we always say is that you’re not just buying a boat, you’re joining our family.

What is a pocket boat?

A pocket cruiser is a sailboat designed for recreational cruising and club racing, under 30 feet (9 m) in length.

Who manufactures Cutwater?

What Boats are made in Washington state?

While there are plenty of thick-hulled fiberglass boats here, such as the C-Dory, Osprey, Tomcat, and Skagit Orca, modestly-sized cabin sportfish boats built by Northwest Marine Industries of Bellingham, Washington, you’ll find lots of metal boats here, too. Aluminum has long been a favorite of the region.

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