What is high torque quartz?

The Quartex® High Torque Quartz Clock Movement is a powerful quartz clock movement capable of running the longest clock hands on the market today. This clock motor will drive hands from 8″ to 17-1/2″ in length.

Can you adjust a quartz movement?

No, quartz movements cannot be regulated.

Where is Klockit located?

Lake Geneva, WI
Company Description: Klockit Retail Store is located in Lake Geneva, WI, United States and is part of the Warehousing and Storage Industry.

What does high torque mean on a clock?

High-Torque clock hands are any minute hand over 5 inches. Of course, they need a strong battery movement known as High Torque. To get the correct size, measure the minute hand only, from the center of the mounting hole to the tip.

What is a high torque watch movement?

High Torque Clock Movement is designed for clocks up to forty inches in dial size. The compact “AA” battery powered High Torque Motor allows you to make giant wall clocks your of dreams. Create a fabulous, handmade clock with ease!

Can you calibrate a quartz watch?

To perform the calibration on a quartz movement. Pull the crown fully out and press the top chronograph button to reposition the second hand. Each press of the button will move the hand a distance equivalent to the sub-division scale. If the button is pressed and held down, the hand will move continuously.

Why does my wall clock run fast?

A quartz crystal oscillator is most likely to blame for the frequency. Note that electric interference, such as spikes that are counted as vibrations on top of it from quartz, may cause your clock to run faster than intended. Quartz clocks may run quicker, but they never slow down because of this.

How long should my clock hands be?

The “rules” for clock hand length are pretty relaxed so you can end your minute hand in the middle of the indicator. You can generally be within a 1/4″ and it will still work. Clock hands are listed with the minute hand length, measured from the middle of the mounting hole to the tip of the hand.

Are clock mechanisms a standard size?

Clock movements are available in a wide range of sizes. There are a few important measurements you will need to have when ordering a clock movement, to ensure you get the right one to fit your application.

How is clock shaft measured?

The post mounting hole of your clock dial (or mounting material) needs to have a large enough diameter to fit the shaft of the clock movement through it. The easiest and most accurate way to measure the shaft length on a clock movement is to use the depth gauge on a digital caliper.

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