What happened on 19th February 1942 in Darwin Australia?

The explosion of a ship, filled with TNT and ammunition, hit during the first Japanese air raid on Australia’s mainland, at Darwin on 19 February 1942.

What country attacked Darwin in 1942?

the Imperial Japanese Navy
Often called ‘Australia’s Pearl Harbour’, the bombing of Darwin by aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy began on 19 February 1942, killing more than 230 people and destroying ships, buildings and infrastructure.

How many people died in the Darwin bombing 1942?

235 people
The two raids killed 235 people with a further 300 to 400 wounded. Thirty aircraft were destroyed, including nine out of the ten flying in defence, nine ships in the harbour and two outside were sunk, and some of the civil and military facilities in Darwin were destroyed.

Who bombed Darwin and why?

Just before 10 a.m., Japanese forces launched 188 fighter planes from ships in the Timor Sea and headed for Darwin. They bombed military bases, the town, and the harbor, sinking several ships, including a US destroyer.

When did Japan bomb Darwin?

19 February 1942
On the morning of 19 February 1942, the fighting of the Second World War reached the shores of mainland Australia for the first time, when over 240 Japanese aircraft bombed Darwin.

Did Japan try to invade Australia?

The Japanese first attacked the Australian mainland on 19 February 1942 when they launched a devastating air raid on Darwin in the Northern Territory. Two weeks later, more aircraft attacked Broome in Western Australia killing about 70 people.

Has Australia ever been attacked?

The first air raid on Australia occurred on 19 February 1942 when Darwin was attacked by 242 Japanese aircraft. At least 235 people were killed in the raid. Occasional attacks on northern Australian towns and airfields continued until November 1943.

Was Cairns bombed in ww2?

Bombings. On 31 July 1942, eight bombs were dropped from a Japanese long-range flying boat around 13km north Mossman.

Was Australia bombed in ww2?

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