How did they fix the Vdara?

But the hotel has found a simple fix: umbrellas. The staff has installed giant blue umbrellas over the pool deck to protect bathers, Mary Hynes, the director of public affairs for MGM Resorts (the Vdara’s owner), tells Tech Insider. The company hasn’t received any reports of burns since the initial incidents in 2010.

What is the Vdara death ray?

Guests at the new Vdara Hotel & Spa have complained that the glass skyscraper can magnify and reflect the sun’s rays onto an area of the pool at temperatures hot enough to singe hair or melt plastic. It’s a phenomenon that some hotel employees jokingly call the Vdara “death ray.”

Who owns Vdara?

MGM Resorts International
The Blackstone GroupInfinity World Development Corporation
Vdara Hotel & Spa/Owners

What does Vdara stand for?

The “V” in Vdara stands for “Vegas” and “ara” is meant to evoke established high-end boutique hotels, such as the Aviara or Vicara.

How much is the Vdara hotel worth?

In 2021, the real estate assets of the Vdara property were sold by MGM Resorts to the Blackstone Group for $3.89 billion in cash, who will be leasing the property back to MGM for an annual rent of $215 million.

How old is vdara?

13Vdara Hotel & Spa / Age (c. 2009)

Can Vdara guests use Aria Spa?

Rising above Harmon Circle on the rooftop of the grand entry, this interactive space provides phenomenal views, handcrafted cocktails, appetizers and casual menu items; it’s an intimate and playful experience unlike anything else on the Las Vegas Strip. *Vdara guests are welcome to use the ARIA pool.

Was the Aria sold?

At roughly the same moment MGM Resorts bought out Infinity World, it announced it will sell Aria and Vdara to Blackstone, a private equity firm, for $3.89 billion in cash. As part of a lease-back agreement, MGM Resorts will continue operating Aria and Vdara. The company will pay Blackstone $215 million a year in rent.

How old is Vdara Las Vegas?

Who owns the Aria in Las Vegas?

The Blackstone GroupInfinity World Development
ARIA Resort & Casino/Owners

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