What was the original ending to I Am Legend?

The book ends with a dying Neville realizing that, to the vampires, he is the bogeyman, the stuff of nightmares, as vampires themselves were once to humans. He will become a legend, not because he’s a great man, but because in his extinction he will be a cautionary tale and a mythical figure to a newly formed society.

Does I Am Legend have 2 different endings?

The ending to the Alternate Theatrical Version varies from the original ending. Instead of blowing himself and the hemocytes up with a grenade, Neville discovers that the hemocytes actually came for the female he captured earlier in the movie.

Is I Am Legend 2 confirmed?

I Am Legend 2 Is Officially Happening On March 4, 2022, reports confirmed that Warner Bros. was actively developing I Am Legend 2. In an encouraging sign for those who enjoyed the first I Am Legend, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is returning to pen the script.

What happened at the end of legend?

The final scene shows a police squad breaking down the door to Reggie’s flat in order to apprehend him for McVitie’s murder. The closing captions indicate both brothers receiving criminal convictions for murder. They died five years apart, Ron from a heart attack in 1995, and Reggie from bladder cancer in 2000.

Why I Am Legend movie has two endings?

Unfortunately, as revealed by I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence, the reason the ending was changed to the happier one seen in theaters is due to intensely negative reactions to the ending where Neville has his villainous realization from test audiences.

What is the Krippin virus?

The film starts with a scene where a fictional news anchor is interviewing the character Dr. Alice Krippin, who has cured 10,009 cancer patients with a genetically engineered measles virus.

Why did the mannequins head move in I Am Legend?

They set up the mannequin to attract Neville to that spot. That includes a slightly turning head which would really send him over the edge given his current mental state.

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