Is Slide Rock water clean?

The water quality at Slide Rock has always been safe and is consistent with other above-ground water sources in Sedona. Issues that had received exposure in the past were related to testing done after storms, which have a tendency to wash debris in from the surrounding area.

Is Slide Rock contaminated?

Slide Rock — and Oak Creek as a whole — has yearly bouts of fecal contamination that coincide with monsoon rains. Sources of the fecal matter include wildlife such as deer and elk, human swimmers, hikers and campers and their dogs, and possibly contamination from more than 250 septic tanks in the vicinity of the creek.

Is Slide Rock handicap accessible?

Slide Rock State Park is also somewhat accessible for wheelchair users. It’s a place where kids are often found playing and sliding on the large, red rock formation; you have to pay to get in, and the areas of most interest are not accessible, but there’s a gift shop.

How deep is the water at Slide Rock State Park?

about 4 feet deep
8 answers. The water is only about 4 feet deep at the end of the slide.

Is Oak Creek OK to swim in?

CAUTION SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK! This area is monitored for E coli. bacteria, an indicator of the possible presence of human health risks. Bacteria levels may be above state health standards. Keeping the creek healthy may keep you healthy!

How long do people spend at Slide Rock?

2 answers. 1 – 2 hours.

How cold is the water at Slide Rock?

The water temperature usually stays colder because it comes from the mountains. Which makes a swim refreshing as the outside temperature around you is anywhere from 90 to 100+ degrees in June.

What do you do at Slide Rock?

Just seven miles north of Sedona, in an area called Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock State Park offers a day of fun: picnicking, hiking, biding and whooshing down the Oak Creek’s natural water slide. It is a popular destination, so the best time to visit Slide Rock is early or during off-peak times.

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