What is a pod lock?

a portable or detachable lock with a pivoted or sliding shackle that can be passed through a link, ring, staple, or the like.

Do PODS have tie downs?

Each PODS container is equipped with tie-downs, steel locking latches, and a lock and key for security. According to PODS, the company’s containers are also built to withstand up to 110 mph winds.

What lock do I need for pod?

We recommend a 2 ¾” (70mm) Disc Lock or a 1 ¾” Padlock. Locks can be purchased from PODS or at your local home improvement store.

Does the military pay for PODS?

Active, Retired, and Veteran members of the military receive a 10% PODS military discount.

What are PODS used for?

You can use PODS portable storage units to simplify and reduce the stress of moving, whether you’re moving long-distance or making a local move.

Does PODS have a weight limit?

Yes, according to PODS, each moving container has a weight limit. The company states that the small container has a weight limit of 5,200 lbs., the medium container has a weight limit of 4,700 lbs., and the large container has a weight limit of 4,200 lbs.

What fits in a 16 pod?

When packed efficiently, 16-foot PODS can hold between three and four rooms. But remember, this is total rooms – not three or four-bedrooms plus a kitchen, dining room, living room, attic and garage. In other words, three or four bedrooms is a two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and living room.

Can you access a pod while in storage?

PODS Storage Facilities Can you access a PODS unit while in storage? It’s easy to access your PODS storage unit while it’s in a secure PODS Storage Center. Just call us at (877) 770-PODS to schedule a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll have your storage container waiting for you.

What fits in a 12 foot pod?

What fits in a 12-foot POD? 12-foot PODS can generally hold a fully furnished 1 or 2-bedroom apartment or the contents of a minimally furnished 2-bedroom home.

Do PODS containers have a weight limit?

Can you use PODS for a PPM?

PODS obtains PPM/DITY weight tickets for you when your container is picked up, eliminating hassles with weigh stations, additional paperwork, and driving.

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