Who won the decathlon in 1984 Olympics?

Daley Thompson
Daley Thompson, byname of Francis Morgan Thompson, (born July 30, 1958, London, England), British decathlete who became only the second competitor in history to win the decathlon at two Olympic Games, capturing gold medals in 1980 and 1984.

How many Olympic medals won in 1984?

Athletes from host nation United States won the most medals overall with 174 and the most gold medals with 83….1984 Summer Olympics medal table.

1984 Summer Olympics medals
Location Los Angeles, United States
Most gold medals United States (83)
Most total medals United States (174)

Who is the greatest decathlon player of all time?

With four world records, two Olympic gold medals, three Commonwealth titles, and wins in the World and European Championships, Thompson is considered by many to be one of the greatest decathletes of all time….Daley Thompson.

Personal information
Personal best(s) Decathlon 8,847 points

What did Linford Christie win?

The oldest man to win an Olympic 100m title, Linford Christie claimed the 1992 title in Barcelona aged 32. In all he competed in three Olympic Games. Christie was the middle child of seven and came to Great Britain when he was seven years old, living in Shepherd’s Bush.

What does Daley Thompson do now?

It was arranged as part of Bridgestone’s Kitting Out event as Daley is now an ambassador for the tyre brand. Daley won his second Olympic Gold medal in the year I was born, 1984, when he was at the peak of his athletic career.

Who is an Olympic gold medal winning decathlete?

Canada’s Damian Warner celebrates his Olympic victory in the decathlon Friday. At age 31, Damian Warner of Canada was the oldest competitor in the Olympic decathlon. That did not stop him from amassing an Olympic record 9,018 points en route to winning the Olympic gold medal at Olympic Stadium.

Who is the world’s greatest athlete?

Bryan Clay earned the title of World’s Greatest Athlete by the largest margin in 36 years | U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum.

What was Linford Christie fastest 100m?

9.87 seconds
Linford is the only British athlete to have won Gold medals in the 100 metres at all four major competitions and was the first European to have run sub ten seconds. His fastest time of 9.87 seconds was recorded when he won the 1993 World Championship in Stuttgart.

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