Which book is best for IES preparation?

General Studies & Engineering Aptitude by IES Master Publication. General Studies & Engineering Aptitude by R.K. Jain. General Studies & Engineering Aptitude Practice book by M.E. Editorial.

Is ESE electrical tough?

ESE is considered as one of the toughest examination in India due to the difficulty related to the examination and the selection procedure. Also there are less number of posts and more number of aspirants.

How do you self study for IES?

Following are some of the preparation tips for technical subjects:

  1. Stick to the IES syllabus.
  2. Start studying the subject which you find easy and then move on to other subjects.
  3. Don’t study more than one or two subjects at a time.
  4. After completing a subject solve 10 years previous papers of that subject.

Is IES tougher than gate?

But the competition level for IES is much tougher than the GATE exam. For IES, the competition ratio in terms of the number of vacancies available versus the number of candidates used to appear for the exam is 1:300. While on the other hand, GATE is a less competitive exam as compared to IES.

What is Fullform of ese?

Engineering Services Examination commonly known as ESE is conducted annually by UPSC to recruit engineers in four domains namely Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunications for the techno managerial posts.

Is made easy Postal course enough?

Answer: Yes it is more than enough provided you have good concepts and study regularly.

Can I prepare for IES in 3 months?

Yeah, it is quite possible. Between these 4 months make sure you work out previous 15-20 years question paper both subjective and objective. You will get aware of the patterns for both type.

Is GATE easier than ESE?

The ESE exam is a little more complex than the gate exam since the ESE selection procedure requires both academic and personality brilliance.

Is IES tougher than GATE Quora?

Gate is far better easy than ies as the gate is Numerical based approach & you can easily catch up those concepts by solving previous year papers and 2 to 3 months is sufficient to score good score.

Is IES same as ESE?

One of those exams is the ESE or IES exams. IES is Indian Engineering Service, and ESE is Engineering Service Examination. So these both exams are the same.

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