Is there an iBooks app for iPhone?

The iBooks app is an application developed by Apple to work on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices for e-book reading, annotation, Multi-Touch books, and textbooks.

How do I use iBooks on my iPhone?

Read books and more with Apple Books

  1. Open the Books app.
  2. Tap or click Book Store.
  3. Browse for a book, or search for a specific one. When you find a book that you’re interested in, tap or click it.
  4. To buy a book, tap or click the price.
  5. The book appears in your library in the Books app.

Is iBooks app free?

Here’s the hard truth about the free iBooks: while many free iBooks are free because they’re low-quality, there are a few really great free iBooks mixed in. However, many of these high-quality free iBooks are only available for a limited time during special promotions.

What is the book app for iPhone called?

Apple Books lets you lose yourself in the best books and audiobooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch. You’ll find bestsellers, classics, up-and-coming authors and more – all ready to instantly download and enjoy.

How do I get iBooks on my iPad?

Tap the App Store icon from your iPad’s home screen. Tap the search bar to search for iBooks. Tapping the search bar will open the keyboard. Type iBooks into the search bar.

Is there a monthly fee for iBooks?

No monthly subscription fee. Because Apple Books has no monthly subscription fees, their books cost more individually than books at Amazon do. They also don’t have a rotating selection of free audiobooks because of this pricing structure.

How do I download iBooks?

How to download a book from the Apple Book Store

  1. Tap the Books app.
  2. Tap the Book Store tab to browse the virtual shelves.
  3. Tap the Browse Sections button to get a list of sections in the Book Store.
  4. Tap a section to browse.
  5. Tap a book to download.
  6. Tap Get (if the book is free) or Buy if the book has a cost.

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