What city is the farthest south?

Ushuaia ( 54°48′S 68°18′W, population: 71,000), the capital of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, is more commonly regarded as the southernmost city in the world due to its large population, 71,000, its infrastructure and its accepted classification as a city.

What is so special about Ushuaia?

Ushuaia is one of Argentina’s top destinations, and for good reason. This beautiful city, perched dramatically between the Martial mountains, the bay and the Beagle Channel, is popular for its sheer beauty, spectacular marine wildlife, and for its acclaim as the city at the End of the World.

Is Chile or Argentina further south?

List of countries by southernmost point

Rank Country Latitude
1 Chile 56°32′S 53°53′S
2 Argentina 55°04′S 52°24′S
3 Australia 55°03′S 43°38′S 39°08′S
Bouvet Island 54°27′S

Where is the most southern point in the world?

Encyclopedic entry. The South Pole is the southernmost point on the Earth. It is located on Antarctica, one of the Earth’s seven continents.

What language do they speak in Ushuaia?

Spanish is the national language, although in Argentina it is spoken in several accents and has absorbed many words from other languages, especially Italian. Numerous foreign languages and dialects can be heard, from Basque and Sicilian to Welsh and Gaelic.

Is Ushuaia the end of the world?

No, we’re not talking about some great apocalypse; Ushuaia is literally at the end of the world. Located at the southernmost tip of Argentina and the capital city of the Tierra del Fuego province, this port city marks the end of South America and serves as a port of call for Antarctic cruises.

Is Tasmania or New Zealand further south?

That’s as far south as you can drive in Australia. Only in New Zealand (south of Christchurch) and southern Chile and Argentina can you drive further south. But wait, there’s more the southernmost extremity of “mainland” Tasmania is a little further on.

Which is further south Chile or Argentina?

What is at the bottom of Argentina?

Ushuaia, city, capital and port of Tierra del Fuego provincia (province), Argentina, on the Beagle Channel. It lies on the main island of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago at the southern tip of South America. Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

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