What will fail a car inspection in Texas?

If your vehicle has the “check engine” light, “service engine soon” light, or any other malfunction indicator lights on, it will immediately fail inspection. Texas requires that all problems must be fixed within a 15-day period and to have the inspection performed again (as to not incur any additional fees).

What are the requirements for Texas vehicle inspection?

What’s Checked in Texas Car Inspections?

  • Headlights, stop lights, indicator lights, and hazard lights.
  • Braking system: foot and parking brakes.
  • Wheel components including tire tread depth.
  • All mirrors (side and rearview).
  • Window tint and coating.
  • Horn.
  • Seatbelts and airbag system.
  • Exhaust system.

Is it illegal to drive around with a cracked windshield?

You’re more likely to get pulled over by the police if you have a cracked windshield. It may be unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a defective windshield depending on the state you reside in.

How long is a Texas vehicle inspection good for?

one year
Most inspections in Texas are good for one year. However, the initial inspection on a new car will be good for two years. Additionally, your car has to be inspected at most 90 days before your registration expires.

Will car pass inspection with check engine light on in Texas?

It will fail inspection if the “check engine” light, “service engine soon” light, or any other malfunction indicator light is on in your vehicle. It is Texas law that all problems must be resolved within 15 days and the inspection must be conducted again (no additional fees are charged).

Does the odometer have to work to pass inspection in Texas?

The answer is usually yes, but not always. Some automotive shops and states check the speedometer. Often times, the inspector will only check the: Emissions.

Do you have to have a horn to pass inspection in Texas?

The state of Texas requires every car to be inspected once a year. There are 18 basic criteria, which includes brakes, lights, horns, mirrors, and seat belts .

Is a cracked windshield illegal in Texas?

Texas does not have any regulations concerning cracks in the windshield. Additionally, vehicles will pass the mandatory inspections if there are cracks in the windshield. However, any crack that causes the glass to change shape by becoming convex or concave is not permitted.

Can you get fined for a cracked windscreen?

A cracked windscreen can obscure driver view – if a motorist is stopped, it could result in a fixed penalty of three points on their licence and a fine. If you’re driving with a cracked windscreen and you have an accident, you could be charged with a more serious driving offence.

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