Are Toyota Mark X reliable?

Reliability. The Mark X has a good reputation in the automotive trade for being well built and reliable. The engines use a timing chain that will not require regular replacement. Our mechanics report the only common issue with the engine is the failure of its oxygen sensors.

Why was Toyota Mark X discontinued?

Preceded by the Corona Mark II from 1968, the luxurious sedan that Toyota calls Mark X is not long for this world. Introduced in 2004, the nameplate will be discontinued towards the end of 2019 because sedans are struggling to sell even in Japan.

Is Mark X better than Camry?

Main Differences Between Toyota Mark X And Toyota Camry Toyota Mark X is a premium luxury sedan while Camry is a comfortable four-seater. The interiors of Toyota Mark X are more compact than that of Camry. The exterior features of Toyota Mark X are much more pronounced but Camry has delicate curvatures.

Is Toyota Mark a good car?

Strong, powerful, fuel-guzzler, reliable… all these adjectives describe the tested and proven Toyota Mark X. Some say it’s expensive to maintain, while others say: “it’s not for those buying their first car”.

Is 7km l good?

Anything that is listed as less than 6-litres/100km or more than 16.5km/1-litre is considered to be pretty good.

How much is premio new model in Kenya?

The current range of Premio for sale in Mombasa and Nairobi is vast and diverse, with options ranging from models of one to eight years old….Toyota Premio for Sale in Kenya – 2015 to 2022 Import Price.

Model Import Price
2019 KES 3,220,000 – KES 3,600,000
2020 KES 3,430,000 – KES 3,800,000

Is Mark XA Toyota?

Toyota Mark-X for sale in Kenya is available in 5 grades; Mark-X 250G, Mark-X 250GS, Mark-X 250G Four, Mark-X350S, and the Mark-X Premium. You can learn more about the Toyota Mark X for sale in Nairobi and Mombasa here, including its specs, features, users’ reviews, and more.

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Premio?

Toyota Premio Premio 1.5 16V (109 Hp) full technical specifications and fuel consumption

Brand Toyota
Fuel consumption (economy) – urban 13 Liters/100 km
Fuel consumption (economy) – extra urban 6 Liters/100 km
Fuel consumption (economy) – combined

Is 11 litres per 100km good?

In general, 5 to 8 litres per 100 km would be considered a good fuel efficiency, 8 to 12 litres per 100 km would be average, and more than 12 litres per 100 km would be considered a relatively low fuel efficiency. Your driving habits also impact how efficiently your vehicle will use its fuel.

Is 15km L good fuel consumption?

Anything that is listed as less than 6-litres/100km or more than 16.5km/1-litre is considered to be pretty good. The first (and most common) reference is litres per 100km (litres/100km).

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