Who is the founder and CEO of Sift?

Jason Tan
Jason Tan Jason co-founded Sift in 2011 after a career as an engineer at various Seattle startups.

How many employees at Sift?

How many employees does Sift have? Sift has raised 175 employees. Where is Sift headquarters?

When was Sift founded?

Sift was founded out of Y Combinator in 2011, and has raised a total of $157 million over its lifetime. The company’s “Digital Trust & Safety” platform aims to help merchants not only fight all types of internet fraud and abuse, but to also “reduce friction” for legitimate customers.

What is Sift data?

Sift applies insights from a global network of data to detect fraud and increase positive user experience. It prevents fraud with industry-leading technology and expertise, an unrivaled global data network, and a commitment to building long-term partnerships with its customers.

What is sift baking?

Sifting is a process that breaks up any lumps in the flour and aerates it at the same time by pushing it through a gadget that is essentially a cup with a fine strainer at one end.

What is sift cooking?

+ Larger Image. The preparation procedure of passing a dry ingredient such as flour or sugar through a mesh bottom sieve. This process combines air with the ingredient being Sifted, making it lighter and more uniform in texture, which improves the baking or food preparation process.

What does sift stand for?

SIFT. Scan, Investigate, Filter, and Target.

How much does sift cost?

Sift has a monthly minimum of $300/month ($3,600 annually) for Sift Starter and $500/month ($6,000 annually) for Sift Pro. Each entry level package includes up to 200 profiles.

How does sift science work?

Sift Science is a tool which lets you mitigate the risk of online fraud. It is based on advanced machine learning technology so you can fight fraud more efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you’re a global online retailer or run a small, local e-shop. Machine learning makes it easier to recognize patterns in data.

How does SIFT science work?

As of today’s public debut, Sift Science is launching as a freemium service, where it charges based on the number of users a website chooses to score each month. Fewer than 5,000 users is free – which makes it the only anti-fraud service with a free tier. Beyond the first 5,000, it’s 10 cents per user per month.

What is SIFT science used for?

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