Where is Lil Bit from Party Down South now?

28 at 9/8c, Taylor filled us in on life after leaving the show. And most importantly, whether or not she’s still talking to her previous Party Down South family. Where are you these days? I’m living in Tennessee, and have my tanning salon and boutique in North Carolina.

Why did Party Down South get Cancelled?

Despite the show being positioned as CMT’s premier franchise since it’s debut, and despite it becoming one of CMT’s biggest ratings winners over its run, the show failed to reach the popularity level of its predecessor Jersey Shore, which was organized by the same producers as Party Down South.

How old is Ryan Richards from Party Down South?

Ryan “Daddy” Richards is a 33-year-old southern ladies man from Orange Beach, Alabama.

What happened between Lyle and Santana?

“Party Down South” star Lyle Boudreaux has been put through the wringer this season, after hearing rumors that his fiancee, Santana Bordelon, cheated on him while she was at Mud Fest. The accusations led to an all-out brawl between Santana and Lyle’s roommates, who spilled the beans that she may have strayed.

Who is the father of Lil Bits baby?

Party Down South star Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright is expecting her first child with boyfriend Dalton Elliott. In a new interview, the former reality star opened up about her pregnancy, and revealed why she left the show ahead of Season 3.

Where is Lauren from Party Down South from?

Pineville, Louisiana

Houseguests Age Hometown
Tiffany Heinen 25 Eunice, Louisiana
Josh Murray 31 Louise, Mississippi
Ryan “Daddy” Richards 33 Orange Beach, Alabama
Lauren White 21 Pineville, Louisiana

Where is Daddy from Party Down South from?

Orange Beach, AL
Ryan, a.k.a. “Daddy,” is a Southern ladies’ man from Orange Beach, AL. He has an appetite for courting danger and never leaves home without his best friend, the beer funnel.

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