Are SSR motorcycles any good?

Among the most economical pit bikes around, the SSR 125 boasts a simplistic, sporty design and is as exciting to ride as a full-size dirt bike. Featuring a spring-loaded throttle, a double-arm steel frame, and a torquey 22-mm Mikuni carb, this small wheeler guarantees you thrills on cleared trails.

How tall is a 125cc SSR?

How tall is a 125cc dirt bike? The typical seat height ranges for a 125cc dirt bike are 31 to 35 and 33 to 36 inches.

What size dirt bike do I need for my height?

Dirt Bike Size Table for Adults

Height Recommended Seat Height
5’4″ (162cm) Tall 33 to 36″ (83.8 to 91.4cm)
5′ 6″ (167cm) Tall 34 to 37″ (86.4 to 94cm)
5’8″ (172cm) Tall 34 to 38″ (86.4 to 96.5cm)
5’10” (178cm) Tall 35 to 39″ (88.9cm to 99.1cm)

How tall is a 65cc dirt bike?

Dirt Bike Size Chart (cc) vs Dirt Bike Height Chart

9-10 years old kids 140 110
5’2” 157 125
5’8” 172 125/150
5’4” 162 140

How tall is a 150 dirt bike?

Dirt Bike Size Chart (Seat Height):

Age/Height Seat Height
5’0″-5’2″ (152-157.5cm) 29-31 inch (73.5-79cm)
5’2″-5’4″ (157.5-162.5cm) 30-33 inch (76-84cm)
5’4″-5’6″ (162.5-168cm) 33-35 inch (84-89cm)
5’6″-5’8″ (168-173cm) 34-36 inch (86-91.5cm)

Are SSR UTVS any good?

It’s easy to handle for kids, and the SSR’s predictable cornering and stability make it surprisingly like a big UTV, just scaled down, and that’s good. While we were testing the SRU170RS, SSR introduced an upgraded model for $4199 with a front reinforcement bar, restyled lights and improved nets.

Is Kayo made in China?

Kayo Motor was the first company designed and manufactured pit bike from China and exported to Euro-market.

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