Who played Katie Sugden?

Sammy WinwardKatie Sugden / Played bySamantha Kate Winward is an English actress, singer and model. She is best known for playing the role of Katie Sugden in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale from 2001 to 2015. Wikipedia

What happened to Chrissie White in Emmerdale?

Christine “Chrissie” White (previously Sugden) was the mother of Lachlan White as well as the ex-wife of Robert Sugden. She was believed to be the daughter of Lawrence White until 2016, when he revealed he wasn’t her biological father. She died alongside Lawrence in a car crash in January 2018.

Who is Robert’s sister in Emmerdale?

Victoria Sugden
Robert Sugden

Stepmother Diane Sugden (2004–2009)
Brothers Jackie Merrick
Half-brothers Tommy Merrick Andy Sugden (adoptive)
Half-sisters Sandie Merrick Victoria Sugden

What happened to Katie in Emmerdale?

She was one of the longest serving characters to have first appeared in the 2000s and was married to Andy Sugden and then Declan Macey during her time. Katie died in February 2015 when she was accidentally killed by her brother in law Robert Sugden.

Where is Sammy Winward from?

Bolton, United KingdomSammy Winward / Place of birth

How old is actress Sammy Winward?

36 years (October 12, 1985)Sammy Winward / Age

Who was Lawrence’s daughter in Emmerdale?

Louise Marwood
With former Coronation Street actor John Bowe having already made his first appearance on-screen as Lawrence White, with Louise Marwood being cast as Lawrence’s daughter Chrissie who is also the fiancé of already established character Robert Sugden now played by Ryan Hawley and Thomas Atkinson being cast as Chrissie’s …

Who killed Chrissie White?

Emmerdale viewers were in shock tonight as two major characters were killed off. Lawrence and Chrissie White met their tragic end this evening after Lachlan lunged for the wheel and smashed their car into an oncoming lorry.

Where is Sammy Winward now?

After leaving her role in Emmerdale, Sammy has starred in a string of other TV shows ITV drama Prey, where she played Lucy, and 2017 crime series Fearless. In December 2021, Sammy announced she would be starring in a new drama called The Saturday After.

Is Andy coming back to Emmerdale?

In 2020, Kelvin Fletcher was asked if he would return to Emmerdale and he said: “I have no plans to go back.”

Does Sammy Winward have a daughter?

Mia Winward-Dunn
Mia Kate Dunn
Sammy Winward/Daughters

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