Which is better Brazil or Argentina?

Argentina has 160 goals, while Brazil has 163. Only counting World Cup matches, Brazil is slightly ahead with two wins, one draw and one loss, whereas in the Copa América matches, Argentina holds a comfortable lead with 14 victories, 8 draws and 9 defeats.

Why was the match between Argentina and Brazil abandoned?

The abandoned World Cup qualifying fixture between Brazil and Argentina will be replayed, FIFA has ruled. The fixture was called off soon after kick-off on 5 September 2021 after Brazilian health officials stormed the pitch and attempted to detain four then British-based Argentina players. Available on Eurosport app.

Is Argentina safer than Brazil?

Other nations that ranked highly on the Global Peace Index include Panama, Argentina, and Costa Rica. Here are the 10 safest countries in South America: Uruguay (1.734)…Safest Countries in South America 2022.

Country Peace Index 2022 Population
Argentina 1.998 46,010,234
Peru 2.098 33,684,208
Brazil 2.104 215,353,593
Bolivia 2.114 11,992,656

Is Argentina in World Cup 2022?

Defending Copa America champion and two-time World champion Argentina will open its FIFA World Cup 2022 campaign against Saudi Arabia with the Albicelestes being the clear favourites to win. This will be Argentina’s 13th consecutive World Cup appearance having participated in each edition since 1974 in Germany.

What is the biggest win in international football?

Australia set a world record for the largest victory in an international football match, winning the game 31–0. Australia’s Archie Thompson also broke the record for most goals scored by a player in an international match by scoring 13 goals.

Which South American country is safest?

The Safest South American Countries in 2021 for the Adventure Traveler

  • 1 | URUGUAY. Uruguay tops this list as the safest South American country in 2021 with an overall score of 1.817 on the most recent Global Peace Index.
  • 2 | CHILE.
  • 3 | ARGENTINA.
  • 4 | PARAGUAY.
  • 5 | PERU.
  • 6 | ECUADOR.
  • 7 | BRAZIL.

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