Is Archer: Danger Island a Dream?

Season 9 was ordered along with Season 8 and Season 10 in 2016. Season 9: Danger Island is the second season to take place fully in Archer’s head as a “coma dream”. The first season to be a coma dream was Season 8: Archer Dreamland.

Is Archer still in a coma in season 9?

This means that Archer, who was found shot in actress Veronica Deane’s pool after season seven, remains in a coma, and the events of the season are of his imagination.

Where is Danger Island Archer?

South Pacific island of Mitimotu
The show’s ninth season transforms the series into Archer: Danger Island, which looks to be one of its most playful, creative premises yet. The show morphs back to a version of itself that exists in 1939 where the characters are situated on the South Pacific island of Mitimotu and run an air courier business.

What year is Archer: Danger Island set?

The eighth season, titled Archer: Dreamland, is set in 1947 Los Angeles; the ninth season, titled Archer: Danger Island, is set in 1938 French Polynesia; and Season 10, titled Archer: 1999, takes place in the future as envisioned during the 1970s.

Is Archer going to be Cancelled?

“Archer” offers a tender farewell to a character that was anything but. The sun has set on the twelfth season of FXX’s stalwart animated spy comedy, “Archer,” and while the series has already been renewed, Season 13 will get the gang back together save for one pivotal character: Malory Archer.

What happened at End of season 9 Archer?

As the quest for a precious idol reached its end, so did Archer; the hero of “Danger Island” gave his life to save Pam, Lana, and the rest of the crew. Yup, he died — fulfilling an unspoken promise made by creator Adam Reed when he turned Archer’s (im)mortality into an ongoing theme of the series.

How many languages does Sterling Archer speak?

seven languages
He has a vast and diverse knowledge of obscure trivia, and shows fair to advanced proficiency in at least seven languages.

What is Archer season 7 called?

Archer: The Complete Season Seven
Archer: The Complete Season Seven English Dolby Digital 5.1.

Why is it called Danger Island?

They were discovered on 28 December 1842 by a British expedition under James Clark Ross, who so named them because, appearing among heavy fragments of ice, they were almost completely concealed until the ship was nearly upon them. The Danger Islands comprise: Beagle Island. Darwin Island.

Why is it called Archer: 1999?

Season 10 will be set in Archer’s subconscious version of space, based on his 1970s idea of the future and will be titled Archer: 1999. Title reference to ’70s sci-fi TV series Space: 1999.

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