Who is number 40 in NASCAR?

Spire Motorsports partners with CGR to field Daytona 500 car for Jamie McMurray. CONCORD, N.C. — Spire Motorsports, through a partnership with Chip Ganassi Racing (CGR), announced that 2010 Daytona 500 Champion Jamie McMurray will drive the No. 40 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for the 2019 Daytona 500.

Who drove the Coors Light #40 NASCAR?

Sterling Marlin

Sterling Marlin
Awards 1983 Winston Cup Series Rookie of the Year 1995, 1996 Tennessee Professional Athlete of the Year 2002 Tennessee Professional Athlete of the Year Nominee Fairgrounds Speedway Hall of Fame Inductee (2009)
NASCAR Cup Series career
748 races run over 33 years
Best finish 3rd (1995, 2001)

Who owns the number 40 car in NASCAR?

In 1997, Kyle Petty and team owner Sabates split and sponsor Coors Light moved to the No. 40 car.

Why is there only 40 cars in NASCAR now?

In an effort to reduce start and park entries, in 2013 NASCAR reduced the size of the Nationwide Series starting grid from 43 cars (then the size of a Cup Series field) to 40 cars.

What are the NASCAR numbers?

There are 110 one-digit or two-digit car numbers available on the Cup level (0-99 and 00-09), and even though there are only 40 cars in a race, NASCAR does not want to start retiring lots of numbers, only to run out of numbers later. So nobody gets the honor.

Who is number one in NASCAR?


Driver Top 10’s
1 Jamie McMurray 88
2 Rick Mast 27
3 Martin Truex Jr. 37
4 Steve Park 33

How long has Dale Earnhardt been dead?

Earnhardt’s death was officially pronounced at the nearby Halifax Medical Center at 5:16 p.m. EST (22:16 UTC). At the time of the crash, he was 49 years old….Death of Dale Earnhardt.

Earnhardt’s No. 3 car impacts Ken Schrader’s car just after impact with the wall in turn four
Date February 18, 2001
Location Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.

Where is Sterling Marlin now?

Since retiring from NASCAR competition in 2009, Marlin keeps racing at Nashville Fairgrounds and helping the racing career of his teenage grandson also named Stirling but spelled with an “i.” He manages his farm in Columbia, Tennessee, and works on race cars he restores and preps for others.

What number was Sterling Marlin?

NASCAR Car Numbers for Sterling Marlin

Car Number Wins
1 NASCAR Car #40 4
2 NASCAR Car #4 6
3 NASCAR Car #14 0
4 NASCAR Car #94 0

Does Miller Lite still sponsor Nascar?

An iconic brand in the history of NASCAR is stepping away for at least the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season as Miller Lite will be replaced by Keystone Light on Brad Keselowski’s No. 2 Team Penske Ford Mustang. Keystone Light is owned by the same parent company as Miller Lite — Molson Coors.

Why are there only 43 cars in a NASCAR race?

NASCAR and the drivers believe the competition is better than ever despite fewer cars showing up. “We don’t need 43 cars out there to put on a great race, so I’m not really that focused on it,” Gordon said. “… Whether there are 35 cars or 45 cars, to me that doesn’t make a big difference.”

Why did NASCAR reduce the number of cars?

The new system is intended to give teams more value to potential investors and buyers while allowing teams to count on more predictable revenue. The industry will remain sponsorship-driven — with about three-fourths of a team’s revenues coming from sponsorship money.

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