What happened to the Yangtze River dolphin?

The Yangtze River dolphin is no more – the first cetacean to disappear as a result of human activity. After a fruitless search lasting six weeks, scientists failed to find a single Yangtze river dolphin, also known as the Baiji, in its natural habitat in China.

What caused the Chinese river dolphin to go extinct?

The ultimate demise of the Baiji was caused by pollution, overfishing, boat traffic, and obstructions like dams. Earlier this year the Chinese government said that pollution, dams and excessive boat traffic have caused an “largely irreversible” decline in the aquatic ecology of the Yangtze.

Is the Yangtze River dolphin extinct 2020?

Despite being listed as “critically endangered: possibly extinct” by the IUCN, this dolphin has not been seen in almost 20 years and several surveys of the Yangtze have failed to find it. In China, the species is also called the Chinese river dolphin, Yangtze river dolphin, Yangtze dolphin and whitefin dolphin.

Is the Chinese river dolphin extinct?

Critically EndangeredBaiji / Conservation status

Is the baiji dolphin extinct 2021?

Hoy poses with a freshly killed baiji river dolphin in China. The species is now considered extinct.

How many Yangtze dolphins are left?

Yangtze river dolphins are one of the most highly endangered species in the cetacean family with an estimated population between 60-250 animals though recent surveys have not found a single individual.

What did baiji eat?

The diet of baiji consists of mainly, if not entirely, of fish. They use their long beaks to probe muddy bottoms for food. Their dives are short, lasting only 10-20 seconds. Baiji have poor eyesight but use a highly developed echolocation faculty to find food.

How many baiji are left?

Currently only found in the Yangtze River of China. Historically, the Baiji was also found in Dongting and Poyang Lakes. Before 1900, there was a population around 3,000 to 5,000 individuals. Now there may be less than 10 and possibly extinct.

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