Is the Honda CRF250 a good bike?

The CRF250L has long been a popular choice. Renowned for comfort, smoothness, reliability, and value, this bike does it all “good.” It is not the most powerful in its segment, but it has really good power over a wide rpm range.

How fast does a CRF250L go?

Honda CRF250L

Manufacturer Honda
Assembly Japan
Class Dual-sport
Engine 249.6 cc (15.23 cu in) liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve DOHC single
Top speed 130 km/h (80 mph)

How much horsepower does a CRF 250 L have?

Honda CRF250L Specs The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 22.80 HP (16.6 kW)) @ 8500 RPM and a maximum torque of 22.00 Nm (2.2 kgf-m or 16.2 ft. lbs) @ 7000 RPM .

How much horsepower does a 2012 CRF 250R have?

38.44 ponies
A: Maximum horsepower on our 2012 CRF250 is 38.44 ponies at 11,000 rpm. Maximum torque is 20.00 foot-pounds. To compare those numbers to last year’s bike, the 2011 CRF250 reached 38.02 horsepower at 11,200 rpm. Maximum torque was 20.04 foot-pounds.

Are CRF250 reliable?

The Honda CRF250 Rally is reliable, easy to maintain and service, has decent off-road ability and comes in at an affordable price. It’s heavy for its power delivery and on-road ability is limited.

Is the Honda CRF a good beginner bike?

Honda CRF230F This has to be THE beginner bike. The CRF230F is great for just about any size adult (just not too big) looking for a true, easy-to-ride, beginner bike. It’s reliable, smooth, consistent and predictable. You really can’t go wrong here.

Are 2012 CRF250R fuel injected?

– Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system utilizes a 46mm throttle body with 12-hole injector fed by lightweight 50-psi pump to ensure optimum fuel atomization and precisely targeted fuel charge. System also improves fuel consumption.

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